In December 1983, the Walt Disney Company was preparing the celebration of the approaching holidays and the completition of Tokyo Disneyland in Japan earlier that year. The team was ready for a new challenge. A Disney vetaran remembers: "We looked in to our archives and realised that nearly every country in the world has asked Disney to come and build a new theme park".

After a long brainstorming process, the Walt Disney Company came to the conclusion that the next Disney Theme Park should be in Europe. In September 1984, a new management team lead by Michael Eisner and Frank Wells joined the Company. During one of their first meetings, the European Park came up. After checking several options, the Imagineers were concentrating on two countries: France and Spain.

Building a new park in Europe meant, somehow, going back to Walt Disneys roots. When we trace the family tree to the middle ages, it shows us that Walts family is probably coming from a little village in the Normandy called "Isgny-sur-Mer". Over the time, dIsgny ("de Isgny", meaning "from Isgny" envloved into Disney. As mentioned in the Biography of Walt Disney, he came to France with the red cross, and he was really visiting todays Marne-la-Vallee region in  1918.

After more studies, lots of meetings between The Walt Disney Company and different govermental organisations had began. Finally, the most promising one has been selected. On December 18th, 1985 Michael Eisner and the Prime Minister of France, Laurent Fabius, have signed a letter of intent proposing to build a Disney park in Marne-la-Vallee, 32 kilometers away from the Paris. In Spring 1987, after long, long negotiations, Michael Eisner and Jacques Chirac, have signed the offical agreement.

On August 2nd, 1988 the work on Disneyland Paris has began. The project was involving 10,000 construction workers and 1,700 companies from France, Italy, Germany, Holland, United Kingdom, Ireland, Spain Portugal, Switzerland the Far East and the USA. The builders had to fight with wet and sometimes freezing weather, aswell with mud, which has been found everywhere in the area.

After 4 years of construction, on April 12th, 1992, at 09:01, Disneyland Resort Paris (at that time called Euro Disneyland) opened offically.














"Disneyland will never be completed. It will continue to grow as long as there is imagination left in the world."

                                       Walter Elias Disney