The Carolwood Pacific Railroad was a steam backyard railroad, build by Walt Disney around his home in California, USA.

Walts uncle, Michael Martin, was a steam locomotive engineer. When Walt was a teenager he sold newspapers, candy, fruits and soda on the Atchison, Topeka, and Santa Fe Railway. He loved the whole atmosphere, the uniform, the trains and the chance to discover the country.

Walt Disney built a 1/2 mile (800 meter) long 1/8 scale miniature railroad. This may inspired him to include one in to Disneyland. As all of you know, Railroads and Monorails are featured at all Walt Disney theme parks worldwide.

Walt Disney built the Carolwood Pacific Railroad on his property in Los Angeles, California where he moved to in 1949. The railroad was named for the street on which his home was located - Carolwood drive. The steam locomotive, "Lilly belle" was named after Walts wife, Lillian. The track included a trestle, loops, overpasses, gradients and even a tunnel. In his barn, Walt controlled the track of his backyard. The barn served as the storage facility for his locomotives and waggons. It was also the central place for the railroad operation, with a central controle console. The barn was also a place where Walt went to when he needed to relax or develop new ideas.

When Walts property has been sold, the barn was demolished. Thanks to big efforts of the Walt Disney Family Foundation and others, the barn was purchased and relocated to the Los Angeles Live Steamers at Griffith Park. The barn is today open to the public for tours through the Carolwood Pacific Historical Society.

"On some way or another, I have always love trains."

                                            Walter Elias Disney